Study Tips: Organic Chemistry

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Organic chemistry, also known as “orgo” and “ochem”, is the black sheep of the chem family. Ochem’s reputation lies in its obscurity, but each discipline has a foundation that once grasped, can be built upon. Ochem ended up being my… Continue Reading

Study Tips for General Chemistry

If I could go back in time to visit my high school self, I wish I could teach her how to study for chemistry. I was an honors study but chemistry drove me nuts! In my post-bacc, both gen chem… Continue Reading

Don’t “Should” Yourself

Medicine can consume you before you see your first cadaver. You’re supposed to ace the prereqs, not just pass them. You must kill the MCAT, not only take it. You’re to be compassionate, but it only counts if you have… Continue Reading

Why You Should Do Clinical Research as a Premed

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Research experience can be a major selling point of your medical school application. If you’re aiming for the top 10 U.S. medical schools, you should probably commit to doing a decent amount of research to keep yourself in the game… Continue Reading

Premed Reads || Med School Monday

You can learn a ton from reading. Novel blog intro, eh? But as a bookworm by birth, know that I truly believe this. When I decided to pursue medicine as a nontraditional student, I started to create and tackle a growing… Continue Reading

How to Study for College Biology || Med School Monday

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Biology was one of my least favorite subjects during my postbacc because it took me a while to learn how to study for it. Unlike chemistry, my hard science bff, biology doesn’t have many immediately evident patterns. A lot of biology… Continue Reading

Why I Lied About Applying to Medical School || Med School Monday

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  I lied about applying to medical school when I was in my postbac program. Well, that’s not quite true. My immediate family, a handful of close friends and my fellow postbaccalaureate classmates knew. Everyone else was told that I was… Continue Reading